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    If, however, both borrowers have assets, all the laws of a guarantor apply and the lender may not collect the entire loan from the guarantor but must collect half from each.

    If, however, the two borrowers explicitly stipulated that each was an arev kablan for the debt of the other, the lender can collect the entire loan from either of the two borrowers he chooses.

    The borrower who repaid the lender the entire loan has a claim against the co-borrower for repayment of his half of the loan.

    The Sma points out that the halacha in the case discussed in this Siman That is because such guarantors were not parties to the underlying loan transaction.

    Unlike the guarantors discussed in this Siman Accordingly, the lender cannot view them as primarily responsible for a portion of the loan.

    Rather, each such guarantor independently undertook, as a favor to the borrower, to pay the entire loan in the event that the borrower would default.

    It is as if each such guarantor gave a pledge to the lender for the entire amount owed by the borrower. There is no pledge for half a loan. The lender to be discussed in Siman After honoring the guarantee and repaying the entire loan, the guarantor may recover half of the loan from the other guarantor.

    In the case discussed in this Siman They are each party to the underlying transaction. The primary obligation of each is to repay half the loan he received.

    The result in this Siman The difference between an ordinary arev, an ordinary guarantor, and an arev kablan lies in the language used by the guarantor.

    This is because the language used did not include any words indicative of a loan. It was more indicative of a gift.

    It is as if the arev kablan appointed A as his agent to gift money to B. This article is not intended to be a psak halacha. For a psak, please consult your posek.

    Questions for the author can be sent to rafegrunfeld gmail. Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedakah Repentance, Prayer, Charity Join us as we build a bright, beautiful future for the land and people of Israel.

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    Why does the chazzan recite shehecheyanu on Yom Kippur night? In Orach Chayim , the Mechaber states that we say Shehecheyanu, upon acquiring a new house or garment and eating a new fruit.

    He also requires it to be said on the festivals for such matters as shofar, sukkah, lulav, Chanukah candles, and Megillat Esther.

    All these mitzvot center on an object. What object can one say Shehecheyanu upon on Yom Kippur? We normally say Kiddush in shul, but Shehecheyanu cannot presumably be said on Kiddush wine on Yom Kippur since everyone is fasting.

    The Gemara finds the inclusion of Yom Kippur difficult. How can one drink a cup of wine for Kiddush on Yom Kippur when one is biblically required to fast?

    The Gemara suggests that one makes Kiddush early and then drinks. The Gemara, therefore, suggests giving the cup to a young child to drink.

    The Gemara, however, rejects this solution as well because the child may become accustomed to drinking on Yom Kippur eve and continue doing so even after his bar mitzvah.

    This concern is somewhat strange, though. The Rashba novella, ad loc. While this logic seems strange, from the Rashash novella, ad loc. There are other occasions when we have a child drink wine instead of an adult.

    The wine of Kiddush recited in shul throughout the year is also consumed by a child rather than an adult.

    He can be contacted at yklass jewishpress. Sage Advice The haftarah of the first day of Sukkos is in Zecharyah Chapter 14, which tells of the End of Days when there will be no more idolatry in the world.

    Why will they be held accountable for not celebrating the holiday of Sukkos in Yerushalayim? Furthermore, as these pasukim are a prophecy referring to the days of Mashiach when the glory of Heaven will be revealed and Yeshayah Why would they abstain from giving honor to Hashem?

    All will recognize Hashem and their obligation to serve Him. If so, why would there still be anyone who would not come forward to give honor to Hashem?

    He explains that, despite the fact that the absolute truth will now be evident to all, people will be so enrooted in the practices of their earlier life that they will be unable to change.

    As a result, they will forfeit the greatest opportunity available to man. We learn in Koheles 7: Know from where you came, where you are going, and before Whom you will give a reckoning.

    He instructed those involved to pray Minchah early and wash and eat because the brit was a Yom Tov celebration for them. Tosafot notes that they did not recite Shehecheyanu following the Ashkenaz tradition because of the pain inflicted on the infant.

    The Rashba ad loc. He suggests that in place of wine, hadassim or other fragrant spices be used with the blessing of borei minei besamim recited over them.

    In Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayim As he walked accompanied by a guard through the streets, many suggested he should try to escape. But I am imprisoned in iron handcuffs; how could I ever break away?

    However, he is so mired in his immoral way of life that it is difficult for him to disengage. It is as if he is handcuffed to the aveirah.

    Every person has committed one wrong or another, as Shlomo HaMelech indicates, but as long the aveirah does not hold him in a strong grasp, he can more easily free himself of the sin and do teshuvah.

    In this vein, Rabbeinu Yonah asserts that if one can subdue his inclination from sin but slips up once and sins he is more strongly attuned to the urgency of immediately atoning for his transgression.

    The Talmud makes a similar reference Yuma 86b: The Talmud Sukkah 52a compares the Evil Inclination yetzer hara to the thread of a spider that ultimately becomes like the ropes of a wagon.

    This concept is further advanced homiletically to the other two times it is mentioned in the Torah — Bereishis No matter the age or level of religiosity of a person, one can be sure that the yetzer hara is always standing by, ready to strike.

    The Chofetz Chaim was already very elderly but he awoke early each morning to daven together with a minyan. One morning when the Chofetz Chaim opened his eyes, it was a bitter cold day and the snow was knee-deep outside.

    Suddenly he heard the voice of the yetzer hara: You are old and frail. It would not be wise for you to go out in this weather. Remain warm under the covers!

    You can be sure that I have no intention of listening to you! The Magen Avraham ad loc. The Rema obviously disagrees with this logic.

    It remains clear that insofar as reciting Kiddush over wine on Yom Kippur is concerned, all agree that drinking from the wine is forbidden. Thus, the chazzan only says Shehecheyanu but no blessing over wine.

    As far as Kiddush — the sanctification of the day — is concerned, we rely on the kedushat hayom recitation in the tefillah. It is upon this recitation that the chazzan bases his Shehecheyanu.

    But that is not what he is saying. Perhaps I accept that Hashem is my king but I hate you. Hashem I love; you I have a problem with.

    The answer to this can best be understood with a mashol. Imagine it is a cold February night. As you tighten your coat against the wind, you notice how quiet it is — not a soul to be seen or heard.

    One of them reaches into his coat pocket, pulls out a gun, and points it at your head. Suddenly you realize your very life is in the hands of this punk.

    And in that that life-and-death moment, you are struck by a major philosophical problem: The amount of money I make, my health and well-being, which woman I am to marry, which home I am to own, has been predetermined by Hashem — and Hashem carries out each of those decisions.

    You have no control over my destiny. You could hate me. You could lay elaborate and detailed schemes to kill me.

    Hashem for me to die, there is nothing you can do to me. You can scheme and you can dream, but every effort will be met with failure because Hashem is there protecting me.

    It is as if I walk the streets surrounded by a Lucite bubble, shielding me from all harm. So, too, the opposite. If you were the most generous, loving person in the world, and you were completely devoted to helping me, if my time on this planet is up there is nothing that you could do to change that; any human is powerless to change my destiny.

    Across the full spectrum of the human experience, Hashem is directly and intimately involved in the running of our lives.

    This seems to be the answer to the question on the Daas Zakainim. Why am I angry with you? Because you hurt me, you wronged me, you took something from me.

    If I truly understood that Hashem alone determines every outcome, all anger would disappear. I might feel disappointment that you have chosen poorly, but anger only comes from the sense that you have harmed me.

    We only proclaim Hashem as our King when we truly understand it is He alone who controls every action that befalls us, and so he is only our King when we live in peace and harmony with each other.

    The Shmuz is an engaging, motivating shiur that deals with real life issues. All of the Shmuzin are available free of charge at www.

    Halachic authorities esrog citron , hadassim myrtle branch- explain that this preparation of building es , and arovos willow branches — which the sukkah is itself an aspect of the mitztogether comprise a single mitzvah.

    But the mitzThe reason is because the mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah is in several ways Continued on p. Burial plots in Har Hamenuchot Jerusalem.

    We employ a funeral company that provides burial services as required by law: Menuhat Avraham, Menuhat Issak.

    Our plot is on the ground, no stairs or floors ever , Parking next to the graves New year price: Our main purpose is to provide a form of substitute biological children for our many beloved childless senior citizens.

    We match elderly, childless, potential blood donors with children or young adults who are the most frequent recipients of blood transfusions.

    Our services are entirely free of charge. These blood recipients fall primarily into four categories: Our potential blood donors are basically healthy individuals who got married too late to have children, were married to an infertile spouse, or voluntarily chose not to have children, and now regret it.

    We will also accommodate donors with a grown child or children, whose prospects of becoming a grandparent are unlikely or nonexistent. These older donors can more readily spare the time to fully recover, which can take up to a couple of weeks.

    Many hospitals already permit this type of directed donation, but require that the parties make such arrangements with one another in advance, entirely on their own.

    Our senior members also welcome the opportunity to become bone marrow donors, as well. Although those over the age of sixty-one are now past the age limit to qualify for the conventional bone marrow registries, by law, they can still be private bone marrow donors.

    Please do not hesitate to telephone us with any related inquiries, from 9 A. Challenge Continued from p. But the mitzvah of sukkah has the superior quality as it envelopes the entire body and all our affairs.

    What can we learn from the mitzvah of sukkah? Not only when we pray and study Torah but. Empowering us to do this through the rest of the year is the mitzvah of sukkah.

    And even when not actually present in the sukkah, we are connected with the mitzvah, as explained above, in whatever else we do.

    Therefore this mitzvah gives us the strength to bring this lesson into every aspect of our lives through the year, so that all our ways become connected to G-d and His Torah.

    As Sukkos approached, expenses mounted. Aharon met Rabbi Dayan in the beis midrash. You need to carefully weigh the hiddur of a beautiful esrog versus the hiddur of supporting the poor.

    Delicious choices at great prices!! Order online at J2NYC. On-street parking in front of the store weekends; also weekdays after 7 p.

    Glatt Kosher French Bistro French specialties include: Delivery - 15 min. Gornish — Kemach Yoshon, Cholov Yisroel. However, someone who curses a sinner is exempt, as the Torah states Shemos Pesukei DeZimra, and chazzan chants from HaKel.

    We take the lulav to which 3 hadassim are bound on the right side and 2 aravos on the left side — see Mishna Berura, Orach Chayyim We recite Hallel while holding the lulav and esrog, waving at Hodu and Ana Hashem see chart.

    At the conclusion of Hallel some congregations Nusach Sefarad and some Ashkenaz say Hoshanos while circling the Bimah on the second day it is Even Shesiya, as found in the Machzor.

    We put away the lulav and esrog and the chazzan recites Kaddish Tiskabbel. We remove two Torah scrolls from the Ark. In the first we read from Parashas Emor Vayikra In the second scroll the Maftir reads from Parashas Pinchas Bamidbar The chazzan recites half-Kaddish.

    All say the silent Shemoneh Esreh of Shalosh Regalim. The text for the daytime Kiddush is: In memory of the yahrzeiten of: Rabbi Zvi Hirsh b.

    Rabbi Akiva Sofer Schreiber ,. The Minchas Chinuch mitzvah , 4 derives from our sugya that, rabbinically, one may not curse a sinner.

    Calling The Kettle Black The Chossen Yosef Kiddushin , in a novel interpretation, argues that only a virtuous person may curse a sinner whereas a sinner may never curse another sinner.

    A fellow sinner, however, is on the same level and therefore may not curse him. Yaakov Avinu followed this directive.

    When he heard from his sons that the heavy-handed Egyptian viceroy whom he did not know was actually Yosef was subjecting them to extreme hardships, he did not pray that the viceroy should die.

    Had Yaakov done so, he would have unwittingly killed his own son. Thanks to his learned caution, Yosef was saved.

    Sanhedrin 89 Mishna Yomit: Today, the 2nd day of Yom Tov, is Simchas Torah. Shacharis — as yesterday, Shalosh Regalim.

    Chazzan and congregation continue with whole Hallel. Chazzan concludes with Kaddish Tiskabbel. Those who are so honored each read aloud a pasuk in Ata Horeisa — and then we remove all the Sifrei Torah from the Ark.

    We now begin the Hakafos circling of the bimah — we go around it seven times in joyous dance. We divide the parasha into five aliyos, and we continuously call people some congregations set the Sifrei Torah at different tables and read from each in order to assure in a quicker fashion that all have their aliyos — repeating the order of the keriah many times until all members of the congregation have been called.

    He recites the berachos with all of the children present under the canopy or tallis. We finally call the Maftir who reads from Parashas Pinchas Bamidbar We now return the Sifrei Torah to the Ark and the chazzan recites half-Kaddish.

    We do not duchan at Musaf, as we had already done so during Shacharis. Chazzan then concludes with Kaddish Tiskabbel.

    Everything follows as yesterday. We must take care, as opposed to Yom Tov, to light Shabbos candles — from an existing flame — not later than the times listed for each locality 6: We do not say Tachanun until after Rosh Chodesh 2 Marcheshvan.

    Rosh Chodesh, Thursday eve: The following chapters of Tehillim are being recited by many congregations and yeshivas for our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael: Chapter 83, , —Y.

    SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 25 N. Metro Legal, Central Ave. DE address of LLC: SSNY shall mail copy of proc. SSNY shall mail copy of process to N.

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    The Jewish Press continues to feature his timeless columns that have warmed the hearts of readers for more than fifty years.

    Let me ask you, do you remember Open School when we were kids? Herby was in my class and also had a little kid brother he was always trying to strangle.

    Sure enough, Mama and Mrs. Futterman decided to come to school with the little monsters in tow. Selma Greenberg, another kid in our class, had a little sister.

    Oy, was this kid a terror! And of course her mother brought her along. Nu, do I have to go on? See, already you know what happened. Just before the parents came up to the room, our teacher, Mrs.

    Stern, said we had to be on our best behavior. We were briefed like we were on a military operation. Greenberg with the little ones. The parents were invited to sit in the back of the room at the tiny desks we used.

    Stern began the lesson. We never heard her talk like this. All term long she would scream bloody murder. Whenever she gave us an order the walls would vibrate.

    In fact, he depended solely on the pictures to know what the story was about. Look, not everybody was a reader even in those days. Julie started to read.

    I want you to know, this was an occasion. Anyway, she smiled at Mrs. Futterman and told her the bathroom was right down the hall.

    Then he looked at Mrs. Julius smiled with a wave of his hand and nodded good-naturedly. Berel, not to be outdone, was gnawing on a red crayon.

    It was like a zoo. The teacher will yell at you and hit me! That woman was built like a tank. Stern scowled, but not much.

    After all, Mama was there, and so was Berel, who was now munching a green crayon while stuffing an orange one up his nose. Stern said, I want you to know, the greatest moment of relief in our class was the moment after each one of us had to read aloud.

    Once we read, who followed the story? We had gone over that page earlier in the week and we knew the general idea of the story was that someone was calling Spot.

    Spot was a dog. This we could tell right away from the pictures on top of each page, and we knew the story went on for six more pages with everybody calling Spot.

    Listen, that was the story. When I got home from school later that day, Mama gave me a severe look. And what a teacher! I sulked off to my room thinking to myself that Mrs.

    Stern was in the wrong business. The woman should have had a career on the Broadway stage or in the movies. Formation and Filing Services: Specializing in all types of Business and Personal Insurance: Emunah Tzippora to Judy and David Levitt.

    The baby is named after her maternal grandmother Joan Tzippora of blessed memory. Moshe Monosov o Results!

    Chaim and Cha New York upon their 14 on September 6. To th Shani, Daniel, Simcha, to the entire mishpacha. Jessica and Stew birth of their son, Dovi , 13 Tammuz.

    Ansh Sylvia Koenigsberg mishpacha. Quoting published research, he high priests and others of a religious order.

    Provence of Pennsylvania, which trary, they acknowledged one,nations. It To Advertise or Barry street, in London, when he sees them. He speaks of their dress trinof any image of God.

    If the American Indians were of Hekets as notable like those of ancient Israel. Indians that they Hebrews. Adair concurs, adding that none of D. New York, Levitz , page Southerton, Signature Books, Utah, in the 16th Ave.

    He speaks their trinthe formation of any image of God. Yitzchok Levine served as18th, a By professor the They divide the year into spring, summer, retiring in He now teaches as an adjunct at musicbyneginah aol.

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    Over the past few decades, doctors have started to promote the supplementation of certain vitamins as remedies or prevention methods for specific diseases.

    A case in point is folic acid. As the American society turned to a fastpaced, food-on-the-go, takeout-meals culture, the intake of fruits and vegetables declined.

    With that came a rise in neural tube defects. Numerous clinical studies have identified a connection between maternal lack of adequate folic acid and these birth defects.

    Over the last half-century, doctors have recommended that all women of child-bearing age ingest a daily minimum of mcg of folic acid, preferably mcg, and more for those at risk.

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    Maternal DHA levels directly impact the developing central nervous system, cognition mental development , vision, and motor function.

    Cognition includes mental processes such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment. Vision and visual acuity refers to clearness of vision.

    It is dependent on the sharpness of the retinal focus within the eye and the sensitivity of the interpretative ability in the brain.

    The development of both the retina and visual cortex are dependent on DHA. And finally, motor functions allow the brain to control the muscles in.

    But the importance of folic acid cannot be minimized. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate, which, as previously discussed, is crucial for fetal neural tube development.

    As such, many who are supplementing, are not reaching optimal blood levels. Many women develop gestational diabetes.

    This puts them at risk for complications and also affects the developing child. Chromium can help regulate and stabilize maternal glucose levels thus reducing the risk of developing diabetes during this delicate stage.

    Chromium can also help stabilize blood sugar levels of the newborn child. Each time Advanced Nutrition by Zahler sets out to create a new formula for a supplement, a process is set in motion.

    Furthermore, we focus on potency and stability of supplements, so that although a bottle of vitamins may not be opened until several months after production, the nutrients are still strong enough to provide health benefits.

    Another valuable consideration is the bioavailability of each ingredient. Some sources of vitamins and herbs are not in a form which the body can easily digest.

    Sometimes the digestive system must perform complex conversions before the vitamin is available for nutritional purposes.

    In other cases, the nutrient remains undigested and is eliminated in waste matter. Another possibility is that vitamins are not digested properly and build up in the bloodstream.

    Of greater concern is the resulting deficiency of critical nutrition. We go to great lengths to ensure that each part of our vitamin provides optimal nutritional supplementation.

    Ratios are optimal for absorption, metabolism and safety. Providing your child with the best possible start in life is an investment that pays lifelong dividends.

    In a voice full of supplication, begging Hashem for rachamim, he burst into tears. It was not practical to undertake the journey to Radin.

    Special programing was held for both boys and girls, in chadorim and schools across the world. In the United States and Canada, Dirshu arranged special, age-appropriate material for schools that brought the message and legacy of the Chofetz Chaim to life.

    The booklets contain age-appropriate halachos from both the sefer Chofetz Chaim and Mishnah Berurah, as well as inspirational and educational stories about the Chofetz Chaim.

    In this way, we can try emulating the Chofetz Chaim and following in his path of ahavas Yisrael! It began in the pre-sunrise hours of Friday morning when busses upon busses began to arrive at the Kosel with thousands making their way to the Kosel to daven Vasikin.

    As davening continued, the palpable feeling of inspiration seemed to permeate the entire assemblage. Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of Dirshu, came especially to participate in the event and gave voice to the profound feelings of chizuk and achdus.

    The idea of the importance of Jewish Unity was even picked up by the secular press. As today is erev Shabbos and we have made our eruv tavshilin prior to Yom Tov, we make all necessary preparations for Shabbos on Yom Tov, prior to Shabbos.

    We must take care not to light Shabbos candles from an existing flame later than the times listed for each locality — as opposed to Yom Tov at 6: We do not say Lechu Neranena but greet the Sabbath with an abridged liturgy.

    We recite the Ushpizin our Patriarch Yaakov leads the honored guests on the 3rd night. Kiddush of Shabbos, concluding with the blessing of Leishev basukkah.

    We remove two Sifrei Torah from the Ark. For Maftir we read Numbers We follow with Yekum Purkan, Ashrei. We return the Torah scrolls to the Ark and the chazzan says half-Kaddish.

    Mussaf for Festivals with mention of Shabbos. Kiddush of Shabbos, we add Leishev basukkah. We wash for the Shabbos Seuda.

    We return the scroll to the Ark and the chazzan recites half-Kaddish. As it is Shabbos, we wash for the Seuda Shelishis, which we eat in the sukkah.

    Havdala is in the sukkah, concluding with the blessing of Leishev basukkah. We now take the lulav and esrog same procedure as on the first two days — recite the blessing Al netilas lulav see chart for the various minhagim at the waving of the lulav.

    We say whole Hallel. We circle the Bimah, Kaddish Tiskabbel. Following the Amidah repetition, Hoshanos see Shacharis — most Ashkenaz congregations say it at the conclusion of Mussaf , Kaddish Tiskabbel.

    At the conclusion of repetition, Kaddish Tiskab-. Wednesday is Hoshana Rabbah. We say Pesukei DeZimra as we do on Shabbos. We also treat this day with some of the same gravity as Yom Kippur.

    The fund may seek to enhance returns by using futures contracts instead of the underlying securities when futures are believed to be priced more attractively than the underlying securities.

    The primary risks associated with the use of futures contracts are imperfect correlation between changes in market values of stocks held by the fund and the prices of futures contracts, and the possibility of an illiquid market.

    Counterparty risk involving futures is mitigated because a regulated clearinghouse is the counterparty instead of the clearing broker.

    To further mitigate counterparty risk, the fund trades futures contracts on an exchange, monitors the financial strength of its clearing brokers and clearinghouse, and has entered into clearing agreements with its clearing brokers.

    Futures contracts are valued at their quoted daily settlement prices. The aggregate notional amounts of the contracts are not recorded in the Schedule of Investments.

    Fluctuations in the value of the contracts are recorded in the Schedule of Investments as an asset liability. At September 30, , the aggregate settlement value of open futures contracts and the related unrealized appreciation depreciation were:.

    Unrealized appreciation depreciation on open futures contracts is required to be treated as realized gain loss for tax purposes.

    Controls and Procedures a Disclosure Controls and Procedures. Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of and the Investment Company Act of , this report has been signed below by the following persons on behalf of the registrant and in the capacities and on the dates indicated.

    Heidi Stam, Esquire P. Class A 24,, 1,, Home Depot Inc. Class A , 97, Class B 1,, 77, Tyson Foods Inc. Class A 2,, 76, Safeway Inc.

    Class B 16,, 1,, Bank of America Corp. Rowe Price Group Inc. Class A 1,, 39, Assurant Inc. Class A 2,, , Zimmer Holdings Inc.

    Class B 7,, , Honeywell International Inc. Class A 2,, 88, Flowserve Corp. Class A 5,, , Mastercard Inc. Class A 5,, , SanDisk Corp. Class A 1,, , Xerox Corp.

    Government and Agency Obligations 0. The following table summarizes the market value of the fund's investments as of September 30, , based on the inputs used to value them: At September 30, , the aggregate settlement value of open futures contracts and the related unrealized appreciation depreciation were: Class A , 29, Class A , 15, Avon Products Inc.

    Class A , 14, Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Class B , 12, Brown-Forman Corp. Class A , 11, Hanesbrands Inc. Class A , 6, Dana Holding Corp.

    Class A , 2, Dorman Products Inc. Class A 48, 1, Columbia Sportswear Co. Class B 24, Alico Inc. Class A , Delta Air Lines Inc. Class A , 20, Gap Inc.

    Class A , 13, Safeway Inc. Class A , 10, Gannett Co. Class A , 2, Morningstar Inc. Class A 82, 2, Lithia Motors Inc.

    Class A , 2, Class A , 2, Brown Shoe Co. Class A , 1, Scholastic Corp. Class A 43, 1, Regis Corp. Class A 45, 1, Carriage Services Inc. Class A 49, Harte-Hanks Inc.

    Class A 15, Ambassadors Group Inc. Class A 1, 79 Salem Communications Corp. Class A 2, 52 Ark Restaurants Corp. Class A 1, 4 Educational Development Corp.

    Class A , , American Express Co. Class A , 7, Lazard Ltd. Class A , 7, Assurant Inc. Class A , 7, Kilroy Realty Corp. Class A , 3, Umpqua Holdings Corp.

    Bank of the Ozarks Inc.

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